Design and manufacture of equipment for the mining and aluminum industry.

A cutting-edge company that is dedicated to the industry

Brochot Industrie was founded in 2009 and has worked primarily in the commercial and industrial sectors at the local, Quebec, Canadian and international levels.

As they've grown, they've increased the variety of their products and expanded the services provided by their knowledgeable and professional staff.

Brochot Industrie is your perfect solution!

Are you looking for a bold and proactive team who are constantly evolving and always at the cutting edge of technology? Brochot Industrie is THE solution for you! Our values of excellence and thoroughness, as well as the superior quality of our products are all aimed at customer satisfaction. Our knowledgeable staff have only one wish, and that is to always outdo themselves.

Pedestrian detection

Brochot Industries is now a distributor of Armour by Scan Link system innovative safety equipment. With Armour safety devices, vehicles detect people rather than objects when backing up. A chip using RFID technology directly integrated into the work site equipment (safety vest and helmet) allows all workers to move around safely. The Brochot Industry team has your... Read more

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Brochot Industrie

helps you run your operations and supports you with your projects in the following sectors:

Aluminum; Pulp and paper; RAFINERIES; Power production; Petrochemical; Chemical; Fertilisation and agriculture; Textile; various methods of transportation (mining and metals, food, maritime, school and railway).