Brochot Industrie, in its present form, was launched in early 2009 by Denis Gagnon. It is the result of a merger between a local Shawinigan firm, Industrie 04 Inc. and a French company, BROCHOT SA. At that time owned by Denis Gagnon, Marc Beaulieu and Sylvain Lépine, that had been in operation since 1995 in the industrial and commercial sector on the local, Quebec and Canadian markets.

BROCHOT SA already had a strong global reputation thanks to its manufacture of complex equipment for the aluminum manufacturing sector. Every aluminum plant in the world uses equipment that was designed, manufactured and delivered by BROCHOT. They were in business since the early 1900s until the end of 2014. Unfortunately, BROCHOT SA was forced to file for bankruptcy in 2015. A shockwave was felt around the world and Brochot Industrie, a subsidiary of Brochot SA, rolled up its sleeves and proceeded to buy back shares previously held by the head office at BROCHOT Industrie. Through this transaction, Mr. Gagnon was able to retain the company's business, preserve current jobs as well as create more, diversify activities and consolidate their gains.

Brochot Industrie has been expanding its fields of expertise since 2009 and currently offers a wide body of knowledge and significantly improved know-how.

In 2015, Brochot Industrie acquired the assets and intellectual property of NÉMO electric vehicles, again with the aim of economic diversification to generate profitable stability.

In 2016, Brochot acquired AIGUISAGE JBD, a company that had been in business since 1998 and specialized in sharpening industrial blades, honing saw mill blades, etc. This sharpening acquisition added another niche to their machining centre, again with the same goal in mind, diversification.

Mission, vision and values

Having a wide range of specialists and products under the same roof has made Brochot Industrie a recognized expert in the sector. Our company has distinguished itself thanks to the responsiveness of its teams and its ability to offer you a turnkey solution for your entire project. Our departments work together to advance your project, big or small, according to your requirements and to your complete satisfaction. Whether you are in need of help with machining, welding, electrical work or mechanical assembly, the Brochot engineers will know exactly how to support you throughout the process.

Our team is committed to creating excellence and is focused on the values of responsibility, thoroughness, quality products and customer satisfaction. BROCHOT Industrie puts a team of some 30 employees at your disposal who, over the years, have been able to develop professional skills that are adapted to the particular needs of its major industry clients. Brochot Industrie's mission has been to redefine the market standards through its excellence and its passion to always do better.

In its concern for continuous improvement and going above and beyond, Brochot is committed to:

  • Offering on-time service while maintaining the superior and controlled quality of its results;
  • Evolving with the client and establishing long-lasting relationships based on trust;
  • Working tirelessly for the continuous improvement of production and better resource management;
  • Optimizing the organization and effectiveness of productivity;
  • Harmonizing the safety and security of workers with efficiency and productivity.