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Our team determines your needs and works with you to find the best options. Brochot offers a wide range of equipment that is designed and manufactured according to specifications that were chosen while working side by side with the client. We also take into account local conditions and ergonomic requirements.

A team of reliable mechanical engineers

Our engineering department specializes in mechanical design of all kinds, large-scale mechanics that are tailored to the client's facilities, as well as small mechanical applications that require sturdiness and longevity. We also engineer for entirely new devices, make modifications or update existing equipment. Our engineering experts also adapt new technologies on all kinds of equipment and all mechanical parts, whether or not they were manufactured at Brochot.

Our aim is to always go that extra step for our clients. Not only do we pay particular attention to the choice and durability of materials, pneumatics and hydraulics to provide complete and robust mechanical concepts, but we also work to ensure their continuous improvement.

Added value: our project follow-up!

As is only fitting with our excellent reputation, our engineering services are known for their high quality and customized project monitoring. Compliance with quotes, timelines, delivery, after-sales service... at Brochot, we work for you and with you from start to finish to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Work with our engineering team on your projects and join our long list of satisfied customers! Call us today at 819 539-5483 for a quote.

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Examples of projetcs completed by our team

Creation for ALSTOM

Creation for ALSTOM

Design and manufacture of monorail used as a work platform for repairing the doors of the ALSTOM dams

Hydro-Québec Project

Hydro-Québec Project

Design, manufacture, and adaptation of security systems (guard rail) on Quebec dam sites

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